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The last day 2019, brook of peace and tranquility of area of hill of Yichang city exterminate is saved to press down Xu Jiachong village in Hubei, xie Rong sends money, preparation gets together with sisters in the 上海奉贤桑拿论坛evening, sing, ” Xiaonian is 嘉定全身油压spamet ” . 2019, she what do poineering work several years eventually savor benefit, development of mill of manual Ai Cao became 上海 荤场 游戏one wife and children to have the company of fame, woman of embroider of many 200 this locality is agile in the village obtain employment, deliver goods inside a year 30 much sheet. 2020, her New Year desire is production value breaks through 2 ten millio上海油压n yuan. The boss of many civilian constell桑拿啥叫干磨水磨ation in Xie Rong or village and restaurant, cross trade of the eve of t太仓上海后花园之称he lunar New Year pretty good. Be located in the exterminate hi闵行区spa微信ll of area of 3 gorge library, it is one of areas that Shanghai speak or sing alternately boosts, from 1992 speak or sing alternately helps Fu Yiling up to now, shanghai accreditation hangs duty cadre 14 batches, exte奉贤ktv荤场子招聘rminate hill already from in上海浦东桑拿水磨会所 those days a mountainous area and impoverished county, economy of region of county of province of ascend body Hubei grows urban district of a kind of county 10 strong. Shanghai side is helped up let her no longer confused arrive from impoverished county ” 10 strong areas ” , what does exterminate hill rely on? Shanghai side is h静安区深海spaelped up is one of crucial factors, more those who need to be taken seriously is the ambition that exterminate hill person plans development. 20 come for years, local is familiar with a word: “Move reach, live firmly, can become rich stage by stage. ” of the decide the issue of the battle that taking off deficient assault fortified positions year, the New Year story of exterminate hill, fasten significant, be worth a batch to just pick next impoverished counties especially ” cap ” local study. 1994, emigrant Xie Rong moves area of 3 gorge library to Xu Jiachong village, the husband runs to 3 gorge project carry. But as the project finishing, large quantities of builder mog, xie Rong daily income is little. “Not, did not work, want to rely on oneself to seek way. ” Xie Rong is recollected. The life although not anxious, how can you become rich go straight towards well-off? This is Xie Rong is confused, also may be and other places of Guizhou of Yunnan of instantly Xinjiang Tibet, take off deficient before long fel上海水磨娱乐会所地址low-townsman people difficulty. Shanghai speak or sing alternately assisted force to help Xie Rong in crucial moment. 2014, strong devoted tradition is handmade do poineering work before long she, be arranged to Shanghai federation of the static organism that bring a district attends groom, groom content is handiwork and sale skill not on上海虹口全套水磨会所ly, the metropolitan 南宁桑拿会所哪个最好person understanding to the market and consumption, gave her very big inspiration. She is gradually clear, essential is to add a product practical, for instance handmade Ai上海宝山干磨群 Cao holds pillow in the arms, those who hit is ” health raises body card ” . Below the pull wires of Shanghai person, a commonweal of Xie Rong and Shanghai organizes collaboration, traditional handicraft builds electrify child business affairs and travel service, make up the deficits and get surpluses, development already guided many embroider woman obtain employment in the village to become阿拉爱上海最多人购买 rich up to now. “Give me money, be inferior to my technology闵行区有哪些spa店, perhaps let me increase knowledge< . " the open-armed word that this is Xie Rong, she often goes to Shanghai Beijing and other places, market of active lay a finger on is foremost along. The near future, their inwrought product promotion of research and development, return company of estate of the drug on plan and Shanghai thunder allow to talk about collaboration. Award a person to be opened with fishing groom the class awards a person to be inferior to giving a person with the fish with fishing, it is more important that phase of deficient assault fortified positions is taken off in instantly. Shanghai was opened for exterminate hill " menu type " groom class, exterminate hill area communicates collaboration to do vi上海后花园论坛 上海桑拿会所论坛ce director Cao Qin to tell a reporter external: "After old development, exterminate hill is besides capital, need to learn the advanced concept of Shanghai more. Exterminate hill tells Shanghai the task of need, s闵行spa花头hanghai can give us custom-built one grooms class. " groom class accumulative total grooms 5600 person-time, involve the squ上海虹口桑拿会所论坛are respect area such as government of city of e闵行南美水疗三楼价格ducational medical treatment. Many exterminate hill cadres have been to Shanghai, they think to smooth the development achievement of hill instantly, advocate it is concept of follow closely Shanghai so, cadre train of thought compares lead. Teaching a side to help up also is one of keys. The reporter is in exterminate hill area east lake middle school sees, shanghai aid builds force to building 4 for this school " wisdom classroom " . Why does president Cheng Yi tell a reporter, the school and Shanghai assist with education the group builds a side to help a mechanism up, from concept of school administration, education, course the respect such as the design supports. This month, the school will arrange member of 5 management group to groom to Shanghai. Come for years, shanghai already aid is built transform school of Shanghai middle school, Jing Yi to wait for 26 exterminate hill schools, held 6 years continuously "


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