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The childhood memory of everybody is endless and identical, but al上海桑拿龙凤会所most everybody in the heart, have a paragraph of memory about Young Pioneers, it may be hum sing the song of Young Pioneers team that is by the side of the mouth, unforgettable summer camp experience, or is the medal of eagle of a cheeper that is hanged be松江spa上门fore the bosom. October 13 is the day that Chinese teenager vanguard builds a line 70 years, to celebrate this ” red scarf people the festival with collective ” , shanghai Young Pioneers remembers ” old thing to collect an activity with respect to what initiated ” to search red scarf to whole society. Be informed round municipal Party committee to collecting old thing extensively to whole town, once specially of division of name of Young Pioneers work Mr. Wu Qixia comes, give oneself collect carefully. This was 1995, the ginseng when she attends the 3rd little generation of countrywide to meet as counsellor delegate is met dress. Glow of figured woven silk material of black of division of name of Young Pioneers work says: “The activity that the counsellor that session asks to vis日式拉丝全体位水磨spait town individually and delegate have one hour is people hero monument to be on duty guard, I am wearing this dress to fe上海荤场内容介绍el quite proud at that time, very glorious also, what also feel him responsibility is great, so I am to be cherished very to it. ”   black teacher is Shanghai the earliest a batch of Young Pioneers, from 1952 with respect to strung red scarf, join gang of Chinese teenager children to rise, the reason that she left to indissoluble with ties of Young Pioneers job. She has attended ” of the first summer camp, first time to learn activity of Lei Feng ” , close also all previous the design that eagle of cheeper of activity of Young Pioneers brand disputes an order and promotion. Black teacher says: “1992, the activity of summer camp was organized in the center of the group at that time, in activity of that summer camp, no matter our China child and Japanese child are in life skill, study technical abil杨浦区家庭spaity is inferior to Japanese child. ”   after this, a draw materials hereat article ” the argue of summer camp ” caused inside countrywide limits discuss what how develop next generation greatly. Shanghai Young Pioneers suffers this to inspire, initiate sex of plan of ” Young Pioneers to train numismatic activity ” . Wu Qixia says: “Have 7 great technical ability, learn ability, provide for oneself ability, from forge ability, protect protective ability oneself these respects. Have order of take as an elective course additionally, chapter of take as an elective course also calls interest the chapter, foster individual character to like interest to develop, can develop the potential of each child, everybody can contend for medal, everybody can have progress. ”     1994, this one activ上海贵族宝贝发廊论坛ity is named formally to be ” Chu Ying to contend for order activity ” , finish stage by stage what acquire junior high school as a child is complete enclothe. To 2004, the circumstance that dispute an order is brought into formally ” Shanghai student grows record book ” , become course to implement one par上海桑拿会所最新体验t of the system, although change ceaselessly,its behave a form, but its kernel teachs link up with with quality from beginning to end. Granddaughter wool glad of Wu Qixia yuan say: “Have volunteer bit,奉贤大唐水疗休闲会所 still have model of gymn奉贤芮嘉水疗astics of a broadcast, still have an artistic heart, looking now is fortune, also be a praise and honor 金山海恋水疗休闲山庄in those days. ”   now, chu Ying argues order activity more and more individuation, revive east road school of ” of original creation of the 3rd elementary school + family + the ” of socia上海后花园私人会所l ” is three-dimensional activity of the ” that dispute an order, through striving for activity of ” of chapter of干磨水磨全套iso流程 ” the Five-Star Red Flag, encourage children to take community, be on a street to, do urban amorous feelings to recommend to the tourist, elevate master consciousness. Revive east road vice-president of the 3rd elementary school the Tang Dynasty 上海水磨全套会所 duckweed says: “The student’s ability goes up in textbook not merely, just not be in in brain, more important is to be in our practice procedure. ”   is static teach a courtyard to added school criterion to develop digit上海模特上门 全国高端商务上海贵族宝贝会所外围兼职上门lization platform, evaluate children to experience the integrated expression t上海贵族宝贝网站hat waits for 5 respects in innovation practice, activity. Static teach a courtyard to add school group assistant Zhang Cong brightness says: “We as far 闵行区 水磨 干磨 2019as possible more multivariate the grou阿拉爱上海 风险nd evaluates a student, to every semester end we besides issue bullion copper order beyond, we still can issue he is whole the mobile report of semester. ” He Tingting of minister of ministry of job of Young 全国桑拿会所洗浴信息Pioneers of   round municipal Party committee says: “The exploration of proceed socialization and 阿拉爱上海休闲预警informatization, creation accords with new era to develop the system disputing an order of demand. ”   this morning, all collecting old thing, old photograph unites the Young Pioneers that come to build up in Shanghai archives appear, this


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