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Recently, public security of Shanghai general Tuo receives many阿拉爱上海 同城对对 citizens to mirror, say to be in drive the likelihood in road encountered ” touch porcelain ” . Be like police station policeman to read monitoring through the spot is visi阿拉爱上海 北京ted and be being moved really, very fast lock decided a doubtful man. Monitoring shows, on November 27 9 when make 30 minutes, in in annulus outer lane is true south circle on the road edge, a man is riding to share bicycle to follow SUV of a black slowly side by side before row. Black car sails narrow after small complementary line, share bicycle to be quickened suddenly, cyclist doubt is like touch with motor vehicle happening brush, immediately falls down immediately. After the driver discovers car i上海闵行水磨服务s touched, get off instantly examine. At this moment 杨浦区spathe man takes the chance to ask for compounding of ” of medical expenses of 200 yuan of ” to the driver. Money in one’s hand hind, the man did not leave, fold again however return complem上海后花园论坛千花网entary way, the target with new choose, contin上海按摩桑拿会所地址ue ” touchs porcelain ” . The man’s every act is caught by whole journey of road surface monitoring. In a few minutes, capture a policeman to hurry to the spot, the man that just will finish another to trade is seized. Man Li Mou is explained to case hind, on上海best spaeself choose this a section of a highway t上海普陀spa男士hat touch porcelain meticulously. This complementary path belongs to motor vehicle 阿拉上海后花园to be not motor vehicle to mix an a section 上海 干磨of a highway, add lacquer painting of start off edge Huang Xian, fall victi上海419论坛上都是真的吗m driver or punish because of dread at jockeying here, agree with compounding more easily. Touch the spot of porcelain not only, li Mou what to committing the crime time also has him is exquisite. He states 上海徐汇水磨桑拿会所he often starts work in period of time of height going to work, if ask for amount not much, the driver can promise his requirement commonly. If the driver wants to cal上海虹口干磨交流群l the police first, preparative work is junior protect, li Mou is met with ” oneself are hurt not again ” or “金山湖养生水疗会所 have urgent thing ” wait for reason to be p上海奥京水磨桑拿会所estered no longer. Guilty suspect Li Mou expresses: “No matter be to call the police it may n上海水磨会所全套ot be a bad idea, take insurance company it may not be a bad id上海贵族宝贝龙凤论坛ea, it is a troublesome issue, as save trouble a bit (compounding giving money) solve as early as possible. But if the family was carried (call the police or go safe) this thing, I am pestered again,上海水磨娱乐会所 嘉定 can be opposite only I am adverse. ”   classics investigation, the ” tha阿拉爱上海干磨t guilty suspect Li Mou commits in this a section of a highway touchs porcelain ” case to already had 8 cases. Last year with respect to Ceng Yin ” touch porcelain ” bilk is sentenced by treasure mountain court set term of imprisonment 6 months. Just was released after serving a sentence nowadays before long, he does not have the job because of of short duration again, return to old trade again. Current, guilty suspect Li Mou already because be suspected of crim预制水磨石生产厂家e of fraud, by general Tuo police lawfully criminal is detained, the case still is in farther cognizance.


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