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Indoor scene of 17 lines railroad car / Zhu Ga上海spa哪里比较好ng the elapse as time, course crosses 9 17 lines, lines 3 pe奉贤区哪家spa好riod, the life with enlightened the end of the year of distance of Pu Jiang line is closer and closer. The signal system function that passes insecurity of 3 many months is debugged, 3 lines obtained letter of signal system safety respectively recently, all fronts operation is entered to run since yesterday graph drilling. Yesterday, the reporter has an experience along with 17 lines train, stand to station of east green boat from rainbow bridge railway station, one-way travel makes an appointment with 45 minutes. Rainbow bridge railway station stands 3 wires transfer is alleged ” run graph drilling ” , undertake according to the plan of real henceforth operation train leaves a drilling上海按摩娱乐会所电话 namely. Lead in what ground ironwork makes staff, the reporter takes 2 lines to stand to rainbow bridge railway station first, have 17 lines change by right of the platfo舟山普陀宝岛桑拿rm layer that shares上海贵族宝贝龙凤楼 with 17 lines again. Because at present 17 lines are returned not operation, there is simple and easy enclosure to be being he上海静安寺按摩spald back between two platforms. Stand in rainbow bridge railway station, still 10 lines are the same as a station, once 17 lines open operation, this station can come true 2, 10, 17 lines 3 wires transfer. Among them 2 lines and 17 lines share platform layer to have change (go up change goes up, be issued to lower levels of change of be issued to lo上海荤场ktv过程wer levels) , and 10 lines are platform of independent island type, need passe爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海s changeover of奉贤荤场 station office layer to have change. Inside 17 lines railroad car, had worn on seat went up the mark of 17 lines is lubricious: Weak yellow syncopation is erubescent, approximate skin is lubricious. This car is from Jilin Changchun comes from afar, first in all 28, will reach the designated position entirely before predicting the end of the year. Convert of mineral water bottle does not pour   from beginning to end the major station of 17 lines is inside green riverside area, can say to go up ” lifeline of green riverside traffic ” . “The speed per hour of our train has been achieved horary 100 kilometers. ” chief engineer Wang Xiaoyong says limited company of Ka Sike signal. Because be in a suburb to leave,go, the interval between station and station is longer, train travelling speed is faster, open Qing Pucheng from big rainbow bridge want 15 minutes only inside area limits. Stand to east green boat from rainbow bridge railway station one-way, train leaves went about 45 minutes. Although train speed per hour amounts to 100 kilometers, but take a feeling rela普陀美景桑拿tively comfortable. The staff member has the convert of mineral water bottl上海龙庭spae of water to be on railroad car floor, actually from beginning to end lacking in initiative and overcautious is no上海贵族宝贝x论坛 上海贵族宝贝验证区t flat. Bark small brave engineer says, 17 lines are the homebred signal system that home adopts appliance the first times to h福州金山桑拿2018ave complete own intellectual pro阿拉爱上海验证贴 爱北京论坛 阿拉爱上海perty, have high security, reliability, but expansibility and can safeguard a gender, came true to include train to move automatically, fold recloser door, automatically return, automat上海油压店都关了2019ic discrepancy library, ego is d全套水磨干磨什么意思iagnosed and safeguard etc full automatic drive function, can ensure the safety of train 上海会所全套包含哪些moves further, improve the efficiency that train runs, the maintenance that reduces a system cost. All the way, railway station of bridge of train Cong Hong (with 2, 10 wires transfer) Zhu Guanglu was passed after setting out station of station of station of d2019上海油压店istrict of station of station, coil Long Lu, Xu Ying, city of Xu Jing north, Jia Songzhong district, Zhao, reach station of east green boat finally, all fronts altogether 13 seat coach stand, make an appointment with 35 kilometers endlong, can says is a Shanghai western cross a line with the fast track between the urban district. The end of th阿拉爱上海最新地址e year opens two lines to cross 17 lines besides course even, the end of the year opens 9 lines even 3 period east outspread cross Pu Jiang line with course. In build 9 lines 3 period east outspread project, case from 2 period the project is terminal Yang Gaozhong road stands, the Cao Lu that stops to get road crossing at gold stands. Circuit is full-length 13.82 kilometers, get offline for the ground entirely. All fronts sets station of station of fragrant pasture district, blue sky district (future and 14 wire松江桑拿体验s transfer) , sea route of Zhuang Lu station, Jin Qiao station, Jin Jilu station, gold stands (with 12 wires transfer) , consider. And project of riverside river line is located in Min Hang inside limits of Ou Pujiang town, circuit from 8 lines after station of district of Du Gong of 2 period Shenyang is derivative first the edge has 8 lines interval already east go south side direction row, circuit makes an appointment with 6.644 kilometers endlong, set Shen Du in all highway station, 3 rash


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