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In new network Shanghai on January 28 report (a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale of Li Shu of reporter Xu Jing) first with ” rubbish management ” the code that gives priority to a problem ” regulation of Shanghai life rubbish (draft) ” be in Shanghai 28 days National People’s Congress submits to to discuss on the 15th 2 second conferences. “Rubbish classificati上海后花园之类的论坛on reclaims ” also become虹口桑拿spa 2019 Shanghai ” two meetings ” one of hot words. This ” regulation上海KTV荤场体验 of Shanghai life rubbish (draft) ” show, shanghai will be encouraged continuously use new technology, informatization, intelligence to change wait for a method to improve rubbi福州金山有桑拿吗sh level of management, also welcome the affiliation of social enterprise, capital. In members of standing committee of Shanghai the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference 阿拉爱上海验证陈年旧贴Hu Guang looks, the new measure that Shanghai draws lessons from exploration life rubbish to handle to other city a宝山哪里有荤场lready had old, pay close attention to rubbish problem this with legislative form, besides the response that is care of pair of the people’s奉贤南桥spa全部没有了 livelihood, also be the beneficial attempt that uses the new technology such as Internet, new economy effectively. The citizen uses the platform on the line ” sell rubbish ” . For pursueing c上海水磨工作室urr上海油压资源群ent, shanghai already took the following step on intelligent rubbish classification: Open green account, implem上海日式水磨是什么服务entation integral is changed; Exploration ” Internet + ” , with pay treasure to de上海水磨会所2017价格but jointly ” rubbish classification reclaims ” the city serves; In partial village canister of rubbish of pilot executive intelligence is classified etc. In Shanghai the static Peng Pu that bring a district is pressed down with what pay treasure to be rolled out jointly ” rubbish classification reclaims ” on the platform on the 上海大桶大油压飞机line, the citizen needs to nod bit of mobi上海干磨会所干磨水磨什么意思le phone in th上海会所外卖工作室 qqe home only, can not finish to 1 minute make an appointment. After a hour, community reclaims personnel can come to offer two kinds of waste product (one kind is the report of useless old great master, article such as furniture; Another kind is the life waste product such as waste paper, glass, metal, fabric) reclaim service. This one platform go up formally from September 2018 after the line, be less than half month already know exactly about sth 10 th上海外围靠谱经纪人ousand people are single上海干磨是什么意思 below platform ” sell rubbish ” . Hu Guang expresses, besides rely on governmental support, introdu瑞安哪里有做全套半套 上海半套 场所汇总ce company of science and technology, issue sheet through Internet platform + the new pattern that community personn上海外围微信 上海外围经纪人微信el comes to reclaim, solved reclaim staff searchs hard, can reclaim article discard at will the problem that creates resources waste, can effective stimulative rubbish reduces an amount, build government, enterprise, community, dweller to study the new pattern that share in all at the same time. Luo Shanying of committee member of Shanghai the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference thinks, rubbish classification should be brought into ” wisdom is changed ” process, “Proposal Shanghai is accelerated advance intelligent rubbish to classify data platform to build, use ‘ Internet + ‘ the technology gathers information, account of equipment of classification of integrated intelligence rubbish, green, pay treasure city service to wait with all possible means platform data, undertake to corresponding circumstan上海水磨干磨桑拿会所ce big data is analysed, be in for the government the rubbish fountainhead classification, big data that collects each link such as carry to offer number, image to change serves ” . The citizen uses the platform on the line ” sell rubbish ” . Offer a p上海后花园 阿拉爱上海lan


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