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Late on June 23 20: 00, 爱上海后花园楼风average college recruit students united Shanghai 2018 literacy exam achievement is announced. See news Knews reporter be in know from personage of know the inside story, this year the absolutely tall section of achievement of Shanghai the university entrance exam, one comes from Shanghai the examinee of blind child school, reporter immediately begs card this matter to this school. Via checking, wang Yun of examinee of this school complete blind gained tall ce上海会所nt of 623 minutes, differ 37 minutes 660 minutes only with full marks. Wang Yun is a complete上海千花 三队 上海千花论坛 blind examinee, what the common the uni极品莞式水磨桑拿会所versity entrance exam that he attends uses is blind file, but exam content and other candidate for an entrance examination ar上海ktv荤场新玩法e consistent. Mr. Fang Xuejuan tells Wang Yun’s classmaster the reporter, wang Yun all2018奉贤区哪家spa好 the time since it is the outstanding student that beauty阿拉爱上海账号 of one Wei Dezhi body admits in the round, “Each homework is 阿拉爱上海新人验证交流区first-rate, but he himself likes the history and English particularly. ”   Wang Yun begins to 阿拉爱上海会员交流区 阿拉爱上海 会员验证区be in Shanghai from elementary school blind child school is read, parents is the teacher of Dong Hua university. Wang Yun learns besides effort during high school outside, entered many matches and extracurricular activity actively still. According to Shanghai Xu Hongmei of principal of blind child school introduces, wang Yun ever won contest of speech of English of blind of cou上海虹口干磨2018ntrywide high school student second-class award. Square teache上海红松路北海道spar tells a reporter: “English language of Wang Yun feels very good, speech dialect is special those who reach the designated position. ” this year, wang Yun still was obtained ” Shanghai 3 good students ” honorary tit嘉定推油哪里好玩le. Wang Yun lives in town of loose river coll上海不正规的按摩会所ege, but the school is growing way of bridge of peaceful area rainbow. He at ordinary times in residence, d上海荤场的玩法介绍ouble cease day comes home alone by right 奉贤男子根部spaof blind bastinado with respect to oneself. Learn 6 grade to begin as a child, he chooses himself a person goes there and back between the home and school. He can ride a bicycle, swim, and challenge successfully for many times outdoors and pedestrian cross-country with half Cheng marathon. In阿拉爱上海aish001 eye of classmaster square teacher, wang Yun is kind-hearted and be happy to help a person, “The classmate on the class treats him as pupil teacher, what lesson problem asks him, he is willing上海哪里水磨服务 to help great master青浦那家洗浴有大保健. ” the person that inspect barrier to can let more people understand, also help the young associate with oneself gain self-confidence, wang Yun was initiated together with parents and classmate 2016 ” backlighting hovers ” project, taking classmates to attend commonweal to run together, make bugle call of small letter public. October 2016, this project had the honor to win Shanghai ” prospective cup ” match of project of practice of society of high school student is second-class award. Current in light of the circumstance of Shanghai, the school that recruits blind to be born has 3 only: 最近上海油压店都关门2019The 2nd industry of Hua Dong Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai university. What fill in extremely likely with achievement of the university entrance exam is volunteer it is Hua Dong division is old. In the free module of this the上海会所全套价格行情 上海全套会所 university entrance exam, what Wang Yun chooses is the history, chemistry and biology. He has discussed in before the university entrance exam Mr. Ceng Hefang, if can take an examination of China division big, hope the first volunteer writing the history is, the 2nd volunteer fill English to fasten.


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