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The 7th China (Shanghai) Fair of international technology imports and exports will on April 18, 2019 (Zhou Si) to 20 days (Saturday) hold in exhibition of Shanghai world rich. The reporter joined the discovery in exhibiting company visit battalion recently, the be b上海狼族419龙凤orn application of artificial intelligence still is current hand in the share that can be worth to expect most, this locality of a batch of Shanghai is own innovation, industry precedes the company declares one’s views collective, the diversity that shows construction of high-tech and common people life, city, business affairs application is shirt-sleeve. From the hand identif上海水磨s牌什么价ying of arteries and veins drives to intelligence the ability of close the orchid family that compositive application shows artificial intelligence to have one of representative artificial intelligence companies most as Shanghai this locality, devote on上海金山荤场所2018年eself to artificial intelligence basic research and application development. In May 2松江哪里有水疗会所018, when Li Jiang of secretary of Shanghai municipal Party committee inspects ability of close the orchid family, ever pointed out, “The times of artificial intelligence taletelling had gone slowly. Want to make application namely next, and deep Lan Qia just is rise the story in front and the concrete product union from the back. ” shortly hands in those who hold on the meeting, ability of close the orchid family shows concentration intelligence public transportation, biology identifying, intelligence is retail wait for a series of new application. The hand arteries and veins of ability of close the orchid family identifies a technology, can apply extensively at the setting such as business affairs building. Of ability of close the orchid family the machine of brake of hand arteries and veins that nobody peddle ark to be based on hand arteries and veins to identify a technology oneself (circular) , it is innovation on configuration of traditional brake machine, it i阿拉爱上海长宁区s main form with pliable and smooth streamline style, have biology information to collect, identify, the funct上海模特上门预约哪里有全套ion such as the analysis, buy hand arteries and veins is collected inside impleme上海不正规的油压会所nt, high resolution is photographed like the head, can control entrance guard switch through intelligent identity test and verify阿拉爱上海 验证, the product leads division of area, identity nucleus test, current contr上海按摩半套推荐 上海沐足半套哪里有ol division by amortize queueing up 3 module composition, convenient carry, install easily, at the same time number works according to join or property management serves platform, to call in, recieve, day-to-day management technological process offers efficient and convenient solution. Had been purchased by much ground, be about to sail the panda intellig宝山按摩花头ence bus of start off face also will appear this second hand in meeting, panda is public transportation with the gene of artificial intelligence science and technology with other and public transportation more prominent than having appearance. It carried arteries and veins of automatic road-sense, hand to identify syst松江桑拿会所推荐em, c青浦最高档的spaar to record robot, speech accurate advertisement of alternant system, essence is pus松江高端桑拿会所hed send, unusual action monitors the passenger, intelligence flees for its life the advanced artificial intelligence technology such as lash-up system and function, it is 上海水磨休闲会所a large intelligence drives traffic carries car, overall length makes an appointment with 12 meters, it is drive with battery of lithium of iron of phosphoric acid of new energy resources. Installed on the car many photograph like the head, can observation is whole the circumstance of railroad car, wait for a technology like head and pattern recognition through photographing, the system can be judged by oneself and undertake admonitory to a few unusual action, for example pilfer, encroach, aerosol. Beverage still was installed insid上海千花黑名单e the car at the same time unmanned sale area, went to the lavatory to instant sex consumes the passenger of demand grea上海哪里有全套的地方tly. Language technology innovates: 1 minute translates 100 pages documentation into technology of language of 27 kinds of languages all the time since it is the ground that military strategist in ancient China of artificial intelligence domain contends for surely. Science and technology of information of Shanghai bless interpret, it is the provider of solution of new-style and multiling上海高级桑拿会所费用ual information processing of big data and Internet times, devote oneself to construct上海松江水磨微信ion of infrastructure of corpora big上海2019最新干磨店 data and innovation of language application technology, already won multinomial invention patent at present, compose is built case more than 15 billion + the center of multilingual big data that accurate double statement is core to parallel corpus, enclothe a variety of 220 languages and ” one belt all the way ” 33 kinds in language of government of state of along the line. In hand in on the meeting, science and technology of bless interpret information reveals will be innovation language interdisciplinary intelligence is fast translation system ” Yun Yitong ” , one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight when it relies on essence of life to allow to class (about 400 billion word) database of multilingual parallel corpora, can translate the documentation of a 100 pages into 27 kinds of different languages inside 1 minute, and no matter text上海不正规的按摩会所ual format is Word, Excel, PPT or PDF or picture format, translation can maintain a pattern composing is changeless, changeless. Translation accuracy rate compares tower above of traditional translation software 50% above, efficiency is artificial


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