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On November 20, 1931, victory of congress of whole 上海贵族宝贝419爱上海 上海贵族宝贝nation of China Soviet first time ends. As in the center of revive of the area initiate, consolidate and expand, chinese Communist base oneself upon land of red of kilometer of 84 thousand square, face 4.5 million revive division people, in the country processing respect undertook active and effective practice is explored, produced far-reaching effect. Hold to the leader of the party, firm in the center of revive the political cornerstone that area country administers. In the center of revive the development of each career cannot leave the area the leader of the party. Complete constituent system is the political premise that ensures the leadership of the party is firm and strong. On the place, from the Communist Party of China revive classify the bureau central arrives provincial Party committee, special zone appoint, cent appoint; In army, enlist to set Party committee to division, round, battalion, set branch repeatedly. The leader of the par普陀泉spa温泉度假村ty from go up and leave the constituent system that formed rigor, strong safeguard in the center of revive facilities of area country processing is advanced in order in various each district. Below the leader of th上海景spae party, in the center of revive processing of area period country obtained revolutionary progress and historic accomplishment. Internally, built China Soviet republic, began extensive and profound land revolution, aggrandizement martial construction, improvement the people’s livelihood, perfect legal system; External, smashed Kuomintang army right in the center of revive area for many times ” encircle and suppress ” , enlarged foreign trade, enhanced a party the consequence inside c福州金山哪里有桑拿店ountrywide limits. Hold to the leader of the party, cannot leave the construction of the party. In the center of revive the construction of area period party is the l上海普陀徐汇桑拿会所argest window is establish the principle of thought found a party of the Marxism, for the country processing is built firm political basis, offerred essential politics to 天津水磨拉丝按摩assure. For aggrandizement within the party the thought is unified, in the center of revive t夜上海论坛红场推荐he area publishs large quantities of one revolution books not only, still offer a s上海7号线spaeries of Marxism theory course in Soviet university and Red Army university, the educational means of the formal diversity such as conduct propaganda of contest of the study in carrying leader lecture, market, knowledge, organization, increased the thought awareness of Party member cadre quickly, great the politics that enhanced party leader decides force, thrust was entered in the center of revive the bitter fleabane break out that area country administers is exhibited. Maintain position of people main body, arouse in the center of revive the powerful motive force that area country administers. In the center of revive the area can initiate a masses to live and work in peace and contentment inside short time, the brand-new situation that fish and water of the army and the people dates, crucial profit from the party insists to be a center with people from beginning to end in social processing, exert oneself safeguards masses personal interest. Mao Zedong was in 1934 the 2nd times countrywide congress gives out China Soviet ” genuinely and sincerely seeks an increase for masses ” appeal, the focus that governs the country gathers in ” masses ” this one main body. From this, “Seek an increase for masses ” conc上海419论坛 官网ept of the people’s livelihood, make the working standard of Soviet government, become a Chinese Communist to be in office for civilian the practice fountainhead of the tenet. The exploration of concept of the people’s livelihood is deepened with what the people’s livelihood carries out, spend from theory and actual double dimension revealed people centrally revive the main body positio上海桑拿按摩论坛419n of the上海古美路平吉路悦龙湾spa area, aroused numerous people to devote into the powerful force that the country administers. In the center of revive the national processing of the area, reality of have sth in mind, aim at masses pain spot, ground of leave no stone unturned solves difficult problem for people, seek an increase. 1933, soviet administration is promulgated ” labor coadjutant agency organizes compendium ” , strengthened the management to labor coadjutant agency, ensured the labour force admeasure of Red Army family member and old person of orphans and widows. ” way of consumptive cooperation standard ” promulgate, those who promoted cooperation of of a上海水磨休闲桑拿论坛ll kinds consumption is general build, below the stern test that in the enemy block, goods and materials shorts, ensured revive the production of division people and life. End in Feburary 1934, in the center of revive the area builds cooperation of 1100 many consumption in all, went to the lavatory greatly people’s life. Besides, soviet government is practical still the clothings that solved masses to be faced with, commissariat, farm cattle, seed, house, capital, see a doctor, the real difficulty of the square field surface such as enter a school of road bridge, children. Perfect law system, perfect in the center of revive the system safeguard that area country administers. In 上海宝山水磨会所全套the center of revive area period height takes law seriously in manage state affairs the position in manage pol松江区海豚湾spa还开着吗itics is mixed action, law construction regards a country as the fundamental pattern of processing. The party ends from which revive上海夜场出台价格 area country is treated


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