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On September 25, day daybreak, when people still is enmeshed in sleep, the explore group that by course Chen Jianjiang of 3 groups team leader leads detachment of the detect that hand in punishment already start off, this, they should crouch the object that defend gathers up instead with a few generation team member has been hit hand in, scout instead capability is very strong, be made fun of to call by policemans ” heart father’s younger brother ” . Course hands in detachment of dete上海杨浦水磨会所ct of total fleet punishment Chen Jianjiang of 3 groups team leader: “Went out at 6 o’clock, sit of a hour public transportation, basically be to look have civilian clothes to follow, we see a bicycle be in first be absent, the bicycle is absent even if went out. ” ” heart father’s younger brother ” just ended a prison term, but according to experience, theft becomes him of addiction or can cannot help reaching wicked hand. Policeman Chang Ji searchs blindage, undertake observing in the dark. Policeman: “Came out, wear a brunet fleecy sweatshirt. ” ” heart father’s younger brother ” rode red bike, begin to be all round the village circle a circle ceaselessly. All the way the heart tells the people’s polices of prep close behind abdomen bright, “Heart father’s younger brother ” exploring all round whether to have crouch the eye that defends him. “Heart father’s younger brother ” went up to be gone to the bus of Pudong, to prevent ” heart father’s younger brother ” commit the crime on the bus, chen Jianjiang also got on a car, the distance of he and object is less than half meters only merely. Arrive from Pu Xi Pudong, bag bag turns after a many hour, “上海肠道水疗哪里好Heart father’s younger brother ” put down vig上海静安区水磨会所ilance gradually, on his body many inclined satchel of a black, this is him normally be used at line of sight of keep out victim commit the crime 上海桑拿会所论坛tool. “Heart father’s younger brother ” , preparation started work. Duration is early at 8 o’clock height, “Heart father’s younger brother ” enter subway station inside, the helper’s opportunity is sought in office worker. And ” heart father’s younger brother ” go up in the bus, like taking out black bag to be hanged from polybag, chen Jianjiang course hands in Chen Jianjiang detachment of detect of total fleet punishment 3 groups team leader also takes out a shirt to cover from polybag, avoid to cause his attention with utmost ground. When ” heart father’s younger brother ” when taking train to stand, crouch defending what stand in this is to gather up instead team explore grows Li Yofei, he and ” heart father’s younger brother ” abrupt not as good as defense sector enc上海贵族宝贝高端会所ountering. Course hands in detachment of detect of total fleet punishment to gather up instead team explore grows Li Yofei: “He this time comes from my right sidle, this moment I pretend calm, pretend oneself are normal passenger, wait for a car there. ” right now, “Heart father’s younger brother ” already locked up the helper goal that decided him, at the moment this red garment man, but his eyes still explores repeatedly between prey and Li Yofei. See Li Yofei ascended train, “Heart father’s younger brother ” loosened vigilance eventually, he caught up with instantly red garment man. He expects those who be less than is, gao Tianchun爱上海同城对对碰阿拉爱上海 already sadded the follow-up of silence the railroad car behind him, he fell with mobile phone collection ” heart father’s younger brother ” the whole process that start work. Highway of train arrival century stands, “Heart father’s younger brother ” left a car at the same time with the injured party. Policeman Gao Tianchun and the Chen Jianjiang that drive this to the station caught up with quickly victim; Li Yofei continues to follow close ” heart father’s younger brother ” . Nevertheless, via checking, the victim does not have property loss. Not procurable ” heart father’s younger brother ” can you still calculate crime? Course hands in detachment of detect of total fleet punishment Chen Jianjiang of 3 groups team leader: “In land home mouth, follow, went capturing him. ” track all the way right now ” heart father’s younger brother ” policemans act quickly. Course allows to hand in Gao Tianchun of header of covey of detachment of detect of tot上海秘舍spa 花头al fleet punishment to introduce when, gather up instead civilian clothes policeman, we this piece of face actually very commendable, because cannot let a lot of objects remember us, because of the word that remember, you catch him next time again you do not follow to go up to also be not stuck go up. Course hands in detachment of d上海桑拿体验论坛 上海桑拿休闲会所推荐etect of total fleet punishment Chen Jianjiang of 3 groups team leader: “I help you tell first, you are suspected of stealing, be undertaken lawfully oral subpoena. ” be informed ” heart father’s younger brother ” aft松江大学城最近桑拿会所er the message that be arrested, course hands in deputy detachment of punishment detect detachment to grew Liu Tongshan to also be driven, he and ” heart father’松江新城大保健s younger brother ” be old acquaintance. Hear his voice, “Heart father’s younger brother ” opened radio receiving set. “Heart father’s younger brot秘干磨什么意思her ” say: “I am a thief small the thief that feel, why do you want me such. ” course hands in deputy detachment of detachment of detect of total上海高级桑拿会所费用 fleet punishment to grow Liu Tongshan: “How? ” ” heart father’s younger brother ” tell: “I am afflictive dead. ” Chen Jianjiang header: “You ar龙凤上海后花园预警e afflictive we take you to go to the hospital. ” ” heart father’s younger brother ” say: “My disease is fierce, lung, bravery is bad. Slow block lung, bravery cannot be found namely. ” Chen Jianjiang header: “The money of family common people also is money, by what should take you to use? ” flatter oneself is done not have procurable, can escape of legal sanction ” heart father’s younger brother ” , hit a fault abacus. Course hands in deputy detachment of detachment of detect of total fleet punishment to grow Introduction Liu Tongshan, new punishment accuses the law came out to bec嘉定莱骐spaome an explanation later, pick a pocket of that is to say kind also call behavior to make, as long as it is subjective and intended, he wants to carry out pick a pocket, no matter proposal value, no matter frequency, larceny holds water for certain, even if he is,did not come out secretly, want his hand to be put in others pocket only, crime is to had held water actually. ” evil spirit is high one feet ro上海外滩桑拿联系电话ad is high one a unit of length, “Heart father’s younger brother ” still do not escape to pass civilian clothes people’s polices after all track. Because the suspect is suspected of larceny, be detained by criminal.


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