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On January 31, the Boeing of full cabin 777 cargo aircraft fly to Shanghai f上海闵行水磨桑拿会所论坛rom Holand Amsterdam. Introduce by Oriental international group full 550 cubic metre, amount to 250 thousand to defend take, the in short supply goods and materials fighting epidemic disease such as 136 thousand guaze mask is in flounder Europe the success is arrived at after many countries and city. This batches of goods and materials will be being connected after closing, allocate for a short while to medical treatment a gleam of, conduce to alleviate Shanghai epidemic situation is prevented control the aspect with medical treatment in short supply goods and materials. On January 22, oriental international group receives Shanghai demand, epidemic situation of main safeguard Shanghai is prevented accuse goods and materials to supply. Group headquarters and company of each foreign trade act immediately, abandon Spring Festival holiday, use the global friend group that gathers in the job, urgent asperse a cure to protect goods and materials to beg buy detailed list, search global cure to protect manufact上海水磨会所全套体验urer of goods and materials to undertake purchasing. Late on January 24, group partner is informed, a company of European has merchandise on hand to上海水磨的场子2018 defend take 250 thousand, def上海 男士 spaend guaze mask 136 thousand, distributing to differ in Europe in storehouse, can carry at any time. 虹口桑拿spaDisregarding already was a late night, group commerce and internationalization career ministry and inport corperation work overtime, through Shanghai inside short time superintendency branch affirms, this batch of goods are Shanghai’s at present most in short supply cure protects goods and materials. Group epidemic situation is prevented accuse lash-up to lead a group to make a prompt decision make known to lower levels dictates, it is a principle with how much can buying, buy its as far as possible all inventory. On January 25 fir水磨和干磨什么意思st day of the lunar year, the group affirmed relevant order, successful lock decided supply of goods. As a result of comfortable meet the Spring Festival and Europe on the weekend, payment for goods pays encounter difficult problem. The group is in city business affairs appoint below urgent and harmonious support, work overtime by traffic bank, open and special passageway pays payment for goods, contact new York subsidiary bank through its urgent deal 阿拉爱上海 对对碰with, be in finally 5 pay payment for goods on time in the上海 闵行 桑拿网论 hour amount to client account. “One just is made the same score, one rises again ” , appear again in process of pick up the goods twists and turns, the client does not agree to put money because of reason. City business affairs appoint start external affairs lash-up instantly again beforehand case, seek a client to be in a country to be stationed in Shan阿拉爱上海aishghai to get a house to undertake at the same time urgent and harmonious, call a client at the same time, “Xiao Zhi with affection, move in order to manage ” , the specification should approve goods and materials to defend the value that control to Shanghai epidemic situation, ultimate success persuades a client to undertake putting money. Measure because of purchasing system of goods and materials this bigger, and Europe is current and airborne resource is nervous, touch 上海洗浴桑拿哪家好Shanghai to make sure this approves in short supply goods and materials and fortune, coordinate in municipal government below, the group uses charter flight form first, entrusted Oriental boat air conditioning to dial a上海会所排名全套 Boeing 777 freight charter flight, from Amsterdam start shipment this goods and materials goes back to the motherland上海荤场联系人. Content of group subordinate east sheds those who serve as goods and materials上海会所论坛 上海会所微信号 to connect close acceptance of c上海贵族宝贝高端会所onsignment square, meticulous track goods to come from storehouse of European each district the land transportation circumstance of the Amsterdam, affirm goods news ahead of schedule with foreign consignor, obtain whole set to de上海油压店2018宝山clare at customs file and manifest data, accelerated goods and materials to declare a coop Cheng. In the meantime, in Shanghai business affairs appoint harmonious below, shanghai custom and branch of Shanghai medicine inspect are open up of this goods and materials green passageway, the Qing Dynasty that finished goods and materials quickly closes and send check the work. Mere between 6 climate, collect a scattering in short supply goods and materials from distant European each district, transfer Shanghai smoothly, devoted epidemic situation is prevented accuse a gleam of.


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