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Release according to Shanghai, the netizen tells little cloth, shanghai appears early or late this morning the rainbow of 7 colour and solar halo, do you see? Rainbow solar halo today summerly demon the sky is really gorgeous and colorful! Still had appeared before this — parhelic with arc of annulus of annulus zenith arc, n, day China. So what calls arc of zenith of solar halo, rainbow, annulus to wai阿拉爱上海fl其他t上海金山荤场 a moment? How are they formed again? Will quickly see the authoritative explanation of city w奉贤南桥男士spaeathe上海按摩推油论坛r bureau. “Solar halo ” on the cirrus that goes out to leave ground 6~8 kilometre now normally. Cirrus is thin and even, form by ice crystal body normally. These ice crystal body are refracted or reflection sunsh上海闵行区荤场ktvine can be formed ” solar halo ” . As to ” solar halo ” be cricoid? Of arc shape? Be spot? Colorful still? The appearance of ice crystal of main be decided by, size, incident angle that forms means and light is spent. Simple solar halo almost everybody has seen, if this is planted,global each district can appear all the year round ” 22上海嘉定怎么找大保健 ° are dizzy ” , this gets a n上海桑拿论坛 爱上海ame by the perspective radius that the observer forms to dizzy annulus place. We can decide through simple movement 22 ° are dizzy, if unbend arm, stretch the five fingers, thumb needle is right Qi Taiyang, what place of small finger tip is opposite is 22 ° almost dizzy. “22 ° are dizzy ” flaming, inside infra-red violet, red often is behaved clearer and purple is no上海闵行的水磨24小时t apparently. Appear the existence in the cirrus with 22 dizzy ° is counted with上海贵族宝贝会所 1 million plan ice crystal of shape of 6 corner post, everybody can imagine the figure of 2B pencil, when the vertical axis of shape of 6 corner post, be equivalent to pencil pen core when perpendicular Yu Taiyang is smooth, the light is refracted上海十大kb名店浦东kb类推荐 through ice crystal happening and chro上海休闲会所全套 上海水磨会所排名matic dispersion formed 22 ° dizzy. Dizzy color distributings to have apparent dependency with the size of ice crystal, ice crystal is bigger, individual and distributing evener, dizzy color jumps over bright-coloured clarity. Have a few smooth, dizzy as can dizzy as 22 ° alone or combination appears, be like: A上海顶级油压按摩会rc of zenith of parhelic, parhelic aureola, annulus, annulus n arc. “Much day ” formal name is called ” parhelic ” ; “Day of white rainbow be linked together ” those who point to is parhelic aureola; And next graphs this kind ” celestial smile ” be called ” annulus zenith arc ” ; Flaming cloud is ” annulus n arc ” . Appear ” annulus zenith arc ” cirrus is by compressed 6 horn piece composition of shape ice crystal, the light from ice crystal on plane is entered, shoot from flank via reflection, the expressional immediateness to stand by zenith is se水磨拉丝按摩是什么micircular colour arc. The size regular meeting of arc changes along with sun height and change, the sun is taller, arc radius is smaller; When sun height prep above when 32 ° , it disappears disappear. Be in middle latitude area so, annulus zenith arc basically appears in morning and dusk. “Annulus n arc ” also go out to be had now compressed 6 horn piece on the cirrus of shape ice crystal, the position is close to horizon. It is the light is entered from the flank of ice crystal, shoot in next plane. Annulus n arc more occurrence at noon around, and the middle latitude area that basically appears in the summer, go to more polar scarcer. Rainbow is phenomenon of optics of a kind of air, it is sunshine carries the water in air (drip-drop) when produce reflection and form, ta is the joint production of sunshine and rainwater. Be in early Tang Dynasty, chinese the ancients points out: “Rainbow is rain Sino-Japanese shadow also, sunshine rain has ” . Picture origin: Shanghai Meteorological Society fi上海莞式水磨服务图片zzles out to establish picture source rather:   of GUuzZ of cluck of Can of @ of netizen of sina small gain if morning sun rises in east,虹口君爵spa and having faint rainfall, the lunt in air is more abundant, see likely west the rainbow that the sky appears. Rainbow forms sketch map now however, not be to rain上海会所为什么都关门了 has sunshine to be able to see rainbow certainly, the morning after rain or dusk just see rainbow more easily, because 畅安阁油压验证rainbow appears in another as opposite as sun position sky,this is, and sunshine and naked eye place see there is a fixed included angle between shade. Other condition is appropriate, when sun height is inferior, the rainbow that see is close to sem桑拿论坛icircle more; Contrary, lift when sun height, when exceeding 40 ° almost, do not上海休闲会所全套价格 see rainbow on the ground. Unless you stand higher, then organic meeting looks more松江后宫spa会所 roundly…


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