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Domestic school concerns, very delicate. It is th上海闵行区 保健e teacher thinks the parent’s family teachs ability to coach feebly however commonly at the same time, although the respect is taught to have in the family,other one side is 奉贤荤场the parent be short of break, but the respect ability such as problem of culture level, processing surpasses a teacher, often let a teacher be answered hard. Mark of Jiang Dong of prexy of education of area of Shanghai Feng Xian was being attended a few days ago ” efforts of compan上海后花园论坛 2019年y of officer of home of first whole nations and pedagogic development forum ” time enjoyed a newest investigation, the result makes a person thoughtful: To area survey of nearly 3000 teachers discovers: Exceed half teacher to think ” the mainest difficulty in domestic school collaboration is parent ignored ” , the teacher that has 65% more thinks ” domestic education ability of the parent is general ” . But, another findings shows: Pedagogic family teachs the evolution of lag of directive and professional competence at teaching a career. Encounter 爱上海后花园三通when young pupil teacher especially ” strong ” the parent, want to treat concern of good home officer, more the professional competence of test teacher. A lot of 85 hind, 90 hind pedagogic calm 上海哪里水磨服务old: Fear to communicate with the parent, more fear a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers is in and 阿拉爱上海休闲预警区in domestic appearance place, communication process, teachers are bearing the pressure that alien is aware of not easily, especially young teacher! Many young teacher calm old, oneself fear to communicate with the parent, more fear a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or上海杨浦区桑拿水会 young workers. The area of survey of Jiang Dong mark has a group of data to cause the attention of experts: This area is young the scale of上海南美水疗有什么服务 the teacher at the beginning of duty already exceeded 3 to become. Group of this one teacher has a few big features: The singleton of be worthy of the name female, had not accepted a family to teach relevant major to groom in the university, quite proportional teacher have not parenting lack family teachs experience. A lot of moment, state and domestic element go out to concern on child learning, for instance parents concerns not beautiful. But a few young a teacher in charge o上海浦东全套水磨会所f a class because oneself society experience is more shallow, because be eager to,solve student problem sometimes, was immersed in the domestic contradiction between student father and mother not carefully, bring about a school to communicate not free, even one disaster after another. “Future already came. Very old light teacher confronts more and more 2 child parents and student even now, they had made sufficient psychological prep上海水磨会所攻略aration and professional competence reserve, go answer and coaching these parents reach the issue that the student appears? ” Jiang Dong sign says. School is in the home in all in Yo, the professional competence of young teacher faces grim challenge. In be investigated this, only 30% right-and-left teachers think oneself and parent cooperate with the collaboration, competence that teachs the child is taller. The member that act according to heart of education of virtuous area family to grind wore Hong Juan to complement another detail: The culture level of not little nowadays parent, solve ability of public relations of society of contradictory problem etc to wait to exceed far young 爱上海同城对对碰阿拉爱上海85 hind上海油压店2018浦江镇, 90 hind teacher. On child education, face these constantly ” strong ” parent hair comes all sorts of ” problem ” , it is a kind of challenge more to上海浦东洗浴按摩全套 young teacher. Will promulgate this year in June ” the opinion that the St2018年上海油压店都关了吗ate Council of Central Committee of Communist Party of China raises obligation to teach quality in the round about deepening educational education to reform ” put forward, should ” education of aggrandizement division heart and education basic training train, raise education of pedagogic Yo heart, classroom, exercise and exam proposition ceaselessly the ability such as guid上海会所微信2018ance of operation of des上海指压油压2019足浴指压是做什么的ign, test and domestic education. ” Jiang Dong sign says, “Pedagogic family teachs direct capability ” it is to see all central documents first, have vane effect. Of teachers grouse only then at faint, there is self-con嘉定推油会所体验demned   in the tear of parents ” domestic school in all Yo ” of importance highlight, it is more and more important that the family that means teacher of a gleam of teachs direct capability. Many educational group expert that attends the meeting 上海杨浦区旺角桑拿this thinks, look from p上海闵行水磨桑拿会所论坛rofessional development of the teacher, the knowledge that goes up besides classroom imparts, person of Yo of domestic school collaboration has made a when future works main component. “Professional wisdom of the teacher, cannot reflect only go up in classroom and in education. ” Zhu Gonghui of president of the first elementary school told about the sea of river of Feng Xian area that attend the meeting a paragraph of past: About 3 years ago, she gives the elementary school of virtuous area old city as new president, the first month, there are teachers by the side of her ear complain, “The president, you look! This piece上海桑拿会所论坛 of examination paper actually


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